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Join us at MMTS. May 12 – 14, 2014, Booth # 929. Quebec’s leading manufacturing event where professionals connect with peers, metalworking technologies and innovations. MMTS is Quebec’s leading manufacturing event attracting more than 4,500 buyers and influencers. MMTS specializes in Machine Tools, Tooling, Metalworking, Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Design and Physical Asset Management solutions for manufacturing professionals looking to upgrade their operations, source new solutions and keep up-to-date with current industry news and products.

The 3 day event features credible and relevant education, technical sessions and working demonstrations of the latest cutting edge technologies. More than 150 leading suppliers exhibit at MMTS to showcase new and proven metalworking solutions, meet face-to-face with decision makers and expand their business network. MMTS only occurs once every 2 years. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your business.

Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show (MMTS) 2014
Place Bonaventure, 800, rue De La Gauchetière Ouest
Montréal QC H5A 1G1   |   www.mmts.ca

May 12, 2014: 10:00am – 6:00pm
May 13, 2014: 10:00am – 8:00pm
May 14, 2014: 10:00am –  4:00pm

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Vibratory Finishing, unlike hand polishing, buffing, filing, belting, does not overly depend on the skill of the operator. Instead, it is a mass finishing technique lending itself to batch security and uniformity for the lot. Parts are typically bulk loaded for a long batch process or continuously fed into a vibratory machine for a cellular manufacturing system. Media of various compositions and sizes are used in the bowl. The vibratory action causes the media to act like thousands of small files scrubbing the parts. A compound is used to assist the cleaning/finishing action of the media. The amplitude and frequency of the vibration can be varied to control the finishing of the parts. In a bowl machine the angle between the weights can be varied to control the ratio between the forward motion and the vibratory motion.

The process is commonly used to deburr, burnish, descale, clean, radius, and improve surface finishes. It is ideal for finishing parts prior to painting, plating, heat treating, anodizing, coating and sometimes it is the ideal final finish... Vibra Finish.

Vibra Finish is now certified ISO-9001:2008.

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