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Compound 24

CODE: SKU16164

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1000 item(s)
Compound 24 Is Used To Remove Oxide And Rust From Copper, Brass And Steel.

Compound 310

CODE: SKU16171

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1000 item(s)
Compound 310 Is A Pickling Agent For The Removal Of Oxide And/Or Rust From Copper, Brass And Steel.

Vibra-Glo J2008

CODE: vgcj2008

1000 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Vibra-Glo J2008" is 50

Powdered Burnishing Concentrate J2008 Is Used Mainly In The Jewellery Industry. Product Is Used In Barrel Tumbling Applications To Clean And Brighten Precious Metals.

Vibra-Glo L-100

CODE: vgcl1005

Price: CAD $ 10.50

255 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Vibra-Glo L-100" is 5

Vibra-Glo L-100 Alkaline Cleaner

Vibra-Glo L-227

CODE: vgcl22705

255 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Vibra-Glo L-227" is 5

Vibra-Glo L-227 All Purpose Cleaner

Vibra-Glo L-243

CODE: vgcl243

Price: CAD $ 14.20

270 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Vibra-Glo L-243" is 5

Vibra-Glo L-243 Mildly Acidic Burnishing Compound For Polishing And Burnishing Zinc, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Steel/Iron.

Vibra-Glo L-245

CODE: vgcl245

Price: CAD $ 19.25

250 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Vibra-Glo L-245" is 5

Vibra-Glo L-245 Burnishing Compound

Vibra-Glo L-460

CODE: vgcl460

270 item(s)
Vibra-Glo L-460 Is An All Purpose Cleaner For Cleaning, Deburring And Degreasing Of Aluminum, Steel And/Or Iron Products.

Vibra-Glo R-232

CODE: SKU16173

270 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Vibra-Glo R-232" is 5

Vibra-Glo R-232 Is A Short Term Rust Inhibitor For Steel And Iron.

Vibra-Glo R-501

CODE: vgcr501

270 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Vibra-Glo R-501" is 5

Vibra-Glo R-501 Rust Inhibitor Is A Short Term Rust Inhibitor For Steel/Iron. Product Is Water Based.
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